Beginners Kite Course

Dive into the world of kiteboarding safely and effectively. Let the Beginners Kite Course be your first step into the world of kiteboarding.

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For whom is the course intended?

Th Beginners Kite Course is intended for those who want to get to know the real dimension of kiteboarding and taste the freedom of gliding on the water. In one week you will transform from a complete beginner to a real kiter.

The course is also suitable for kids above the age of 12.

 Course Includes

The initial kite training course is scheduled for 5 days and includes 12 hours of learning. After completing the course, the school equipment is available for use until the end of the week.

 What else is included?

All the equipment for a period of one week is included in the initial kite training course: kite, board, harness, life jacket and helmet.

 What is not included?

The wetsuit and water shoes. If you do not have your own wetsuit, you can rent it with us. The conditions for renting a wetsuit>>

The cost of travel to the destination. Destinations on offer>>

Traveling for 14 days

If you choose to stay longer than a week, you can extend your knowledge with the Intermediate Kite Course , or you may borrow school equipment for an extra week.

Who will be my instructor?

All our instructors have valid licenses under the IKO (International Kiteboard System) and have many years of experience. Kiteskul team >>

Group Size

From 2 to 3 students per instructor, depending on the weather conditions at the chosen location.


Younger than 12 years old can attend Kids Kite Course.

Where can I do the course?

You can take a beginners course at the following destinations: Morocco, Egypt, Sardinia, Sicily, Greece, Croatia, Brazil.

What will we learn at the course?

  • History and development of kiteboarding
  • Getting to know kite equipment
  • The basics of weather, wind and wind-forecasts
  • Safety and the rules
  • Practical advise on where, how and when.

  • Learning about location, wind direction, wind hazards, other hazards
  • Learning about the equipment and kite preparation
  • Safety systems and practical rules
  • Handling the training kite
  • Controlling the training kite
  • Advanced exercises with the kite bar

  • Raising the kite and entering the water
  • Guiding and controlling the kite on the edge of a wind-window
  • Activating safety systems and picking up the kite from the water
  • Body drag with the wind up-wind and with the board
  • Preparations for the water start
  • Water start

  • Driving both ways
  • Controlled stop
  • The right use of the “passing each other” rules
  • Controlling the speed with the edge of the board
  • Driving up-wind
  • Choosing the right equipment (kite and board size)
  • Self-rescue

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