Kiteskul Team
Jernej Demšar
Jernej DemšarIKO Level 2 Instructor, Snowboard Instructor
Co-founder of Kiteskul
Janez Bernik
Janez BernikKite Instructor
Co-founder of Kiteskul
Domen Tominc
Domen TomincIKO Level 2 Instructor
Administration, Organisation
Zala Mirtič
Zala MirtičIKO Instructor Assistant
Rok Bernik
Rok BernikIKO Level 1 Instructor
Nejc Burgar
Nejc BurgarIKO Level 1 Instructor
Urša Škornik
Urša ŠkornikChild Care, Ski Instructor (Level 2)
Gašper Babnik
Gašper BabnikIKO Level 1 Instructor
Dominik Balaško
Dominik BalaškoIKO Level 2 Instructor
Our Story

Launched in 2011, it all began on the water! Armed with all the necessary expertise and with a great measure of enthusiasm, we decided to share our passion for the sea, the wind and the adrenaline with all the like-minded. That is how the idea of Kiteskul was born, with a team that shares its passion for nature and active living.

On the road to success we realized that there can never be enough knowledge within the team; that the wind is a natural, unpredictable phenomena; and that it can get uncomfortably hot on a kite holiday, among many other things. It was with this in mind that we wanted to calculate the best times, the best conditions, and the best accompanying locations, in order to provide the perfect holiday. We created tailored packages so that we can pass on our knowledge of and passion for this sport to as many people as possible, and, above all, to give you an unforgettable holiday.

Our advantage is that our team has experience not only in kiteboarding, but in various types of sports, both from a competitive and recreational point of view, providing you with an all-rounded team who thinks of everything in order for you to experience as much as possible in the shortest time. This is why we have thought about babysitters for your children, the care needed to recover painful muscles, and of course, the importance of social-culinary evenings.

Kiteskul is more than just a kite school, it is your companion in the most beautiful moments of the year.

About the company


Trata 4, 4220 Škofja Loka

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All the trips and packages published on this site are organized in cooperation with the travel agency Kompas d.d. or travel agency STAL d.o.o.

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  • Telephone: 040 163 773 (Domen)
  • Telephone: 041 660 101 (Jernej)