Kiteboarding in Croatia

Neretva River Delta is known primarily for its numerous tangerine plantations and delicious watermelons. In recent years, it has become a real kiting hotspot on the Adriatic.

Kiteboarding in Croatia is the perfect choice for those looking for a summer kite destination near Slovenia.

Where will we kite?

Where the river Neretva meets the Adriatic Sea, which offers a good, shallow spot for kiteboarding.

What’s the spot like and who’s it for?

The kite spot, which is at the mouth of the river Neretva, is spacious because of the shallow water. This means it is ideal for beginners, freestyle fans, fans of constant wind and flat water, and all those who love to play around with the board in smaller waves.

How are the wind conditions?

The thermal wind “Mistral” blows more or less constantly from the northwest over the summer months, which means that the weather is pleasant and stable. The wind picks up in the afternoon and calms down at sunset. The strength of the wind depends mainly on the stability of the weather and the temperature differences between the sea and the land. Most of the time bigger kite sizes are in use (e.g. 12m² for boys and 9 m² for girls).

What courses do you offer?

We do all the kite courses at the mouth of Neretva. You can choose from the following:

What can I do when there’s no wind?

In addition to kiteboarding, the Neretva River Delta offers many possibilities for active leisure time. Something to try out, for example, is the SUP (stand up paddle) on the side sleeves of the river, or you may be interested to pay a visit to a nearby, underground submarine hangar that was used during the Yugoslavian era. Visiting and swimming the nearby Kravice waterfalls is another way to kick back and relax. If all that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can check out the historical cities of Dubrovnik (where parts of Game of Thrones are filmed) or Mostrar, which are only a 1 hour drive away by car.


We offer apartments in a village of Blace, which is only 10 minute drive from the kite spot.

The mouth of Neretva is easily accessible by car, as it is only 6 hour drive from Ljubljana on the motorway. In case you register a larger group we will organize a group transport from Ljubljana.

Term Date Availability
Term 1 4.8. – 10.8.2018 Available
Term 2 11.8. – 17.8.2018 Available
Term 3 18.8. – 24.8.2018 Available

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