Kite trip to Brazil

Kiteboarding in Brazil is something unforgettable! It is a windy country with endless sandy beaches and freshwater lagoons. Brazil is the perfect choice for those who want to combine the exploration of exotic countries with the best conditions for kiteboarding. Excellent seafood, true Latino entertainment and a relaxed atmosphere, are just a few reasons why it is worth exploring the Brazilian coasts.

If you kite and have not visited this true kite paradise, then this year is a great opportunity to join us! Everyone that has already visited this part of Brazil, you know why you’ll be returning ;)

Where will we kite?

We will try all the best and most famous kite spots on the north-east coast of Brazil, such as Barra Nova, Cauipe, Taiba, Quebra Mare, Lagoinha, Ilha de Guajira, Jerricoucar and many others.

What are the spots like?

Kite spots are very diverse and offer everything; from a completely flat lagoon to the real waves.

Who’s it for?

We recommend kiteboarding in Brazil to those who are already independent on the kite and master kiteboarding up-wind. While most spots are difficult, some spots are also perfectly suitable for beginners.

How are the wind conditions?

Constant trade winds blow from July to January, which are due to specific local conditions sufficiently strong for the right kite sessions. At this time of the year, the wind statistics are practically 100% and the worry of being bored due to a lack of wind is totally unnecessary.

What courses do you offer?

Our offers specialise for intermediate and advanced kite courses. However, on request we can of course provide a beginners kite course, too.

Where else can we kite?

During out travel through Brazil we will travel across 400km of coastline, which offers numerous and diverse kite spots.

The Package Offer

The packages are in progress

Term Dates
Term 1 11.10. – 25.10.2018

Would you like a personalised offer?

Would you like to have your own private apartment, your own room, or your own car? You can send us an inquiry and we will prepare your offer. Send inquiry.

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