Demo Kite Course

Attend the Demo Kite Course and learn the basics of this attractive sport.

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For whom is the course intended?

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the basics of kiteboarding. Invited are all the beginners who want to learn the basics and find out if kiteboarding is the right sport for you.

In the Demo Kite Course the instructor will take you through the initial steps of kiteboarding. You will get to know the rules of the “wind window”, you will learn how to prepare kite equipment and we will show you the basic safety principles. Through the simple exercises on the training kite (2.5 m2) you will feel the true power of the wind and get a sense of how the kite flies and why riding with it is so much fun.

LET US REMIND YOU: The Demo Kite Course can lead to a serious ADDICTION of the world’s most craziest sport ;)

Course Includes

The course includes 3 hours of learning. Of these, one hour is dedicated to theory and two hours are practical exercises on the training kite.

What else is included?

All the necessary equipment is included in the course


The courses take place around Ljubljana or Škofja Loka. However, the location of the course can also be adjusted to your desires. You can also take a course at any of our destinations.

Who will be my instructor?

All our instructors have valid licenses under the IKO (International Kiteboard System) and have many years of experience. Kiteskul team >>

Group Size

The course takes place in a group of up to 4 people per instructor.


The Demo Kite Course is suitable for children above the age of 9.

What will we learn at the course?

  • History and development of kiteboarding
  • Getting to know kite equipment
  • The basics of weather, wind and wind forecasts
  • Safety and the rules
  • Practical advise where, how, and when.

  • Learning about location, wind direction, wind hazards, other hazards
  • Learning about the equipment and kite preparation
  • Safety systems and practical rules
  • Handling the training kite
  • Controlling the training kite
  • Advanced exercises with the kite bar

Is the Demo Kite Course too easy for you?

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