Kite trip to Egypt

Kiteboarding in Egypt is the right choice for anyone who wants to wander off into the world of kiting in ideal conditions. It offers you pleasant temperatures, constant wind and lagoons with shallow water. A wide selection of hotel accommodation in close proximity of the spots and the excellent kite center offers will make your stay even better.

Where will we kite?

El Gouna is a modern complex of more than 20 hotels, and as part of the complex, the beach is especially designed for kiteboarders. There is a kite center on the beach, that offers visitors all the necessary things (WC, showers, storage room for the equipment, deck chairs, bar and restaurant). Directly in front of the kite center lies a lagoon with shallow water that has ideal conditions for learning and improving. Have a look at what the kite center has to offer.

What’s the spot like?

The kite spot is very spacious and has no dangerous obstacles. Shallow water offers ideal conditions for teaching.

Who’s it for?

Kiteboarding in Egypt is for everyone. The kite spot is suitable for complete beginners as well as everyone who would like to advance quickly. There is also a rescue boat at the kite spot so you can feel safe while enjoying yourself on the water.

How are the wind conditions?

The wind is very constant and strongest from May to September, but wind statistics are also very good in other months. The wind is normally stronger in the early hours and it calms down in the afternoon. Wind statistics.

What kite courses do you offer?

In Egypt we do all the courses. You may choose from the following:

Where else can I kite?

Close to El Goune are several small islands with turquoise blue water and constant winds. In the case of a bigger interest we organize day trips to the island of Tawil.

The Package Offer

Flight from Ljubljana:

Would you like a personalized offer?

Would you like to travel to Egypt and want your own room or a family room? Or would you like to travel in a different term? You can send us an inquiry and we will prepare your offer. Send an inquiry.

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