Kite trip to Morocco

For many experienced kiteboarders, Dakhla is the best destination as it offers excellent conditions throughout the whole year. The location hosts, most probably, the largest lagoon in the world that is suitable for kiteboarding and offers a vast space for endless exploration. Just a few miles away, the Atlantic brings perfect waves, for all experienced kite enthusiasts. Kiteboarding in Morocco is a real experience for all the kiteboarding lovers from remote corners of the world.

Where will we kite?

In the lagoon directly in front of the complex of bungalows, which offers shallow water suitable for teaching, and all the freestyle enthusiasts. There are also other kite spots nearby.

What’s the spot like?

The kite spot depends on the fluctuation of the tide, however, there is always enough water. The bottom of the lagoon is sandy and without rocks or corals. The wind usually blows parallel to the shore from the left, so the spot is very safe for all beginners, and there is always enough room for carefree kiteboarding.

Who’s it for?

Very suitable for the beginners, the flat-water lovers and the freestylers

How are the wind conditions?

Northern winds ensure that Dakhla is windy throughout the whole year. The wind is the strongest from April to September, when wind speeds easily exceed 35 knots. However, in the remaining months, wind statistics are extremely good.

What kite courses do you offer?

In Dakhla we do all our kite courses. You may choose from the following:

Where else can I kite?

Near to the lagoon where you will stay, there are other kite spots. In the lagoon you will be able to kite on the so-called “speed spot”, go on a trip and kite on the “White Dune”, or choose one of the wave spots that are a 20 minute drive by car from the camp. Kiteboarding in Morocco is a true adventure!

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